Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pasadena Learning Disability Testing

I've had several people come to the Pasadena office for learning disability testing on weekends because they are working during the week and I've been able to see them early in the morning and late at night. Extended time on standardized tests seems to be the general need of most of them.

Orange County Learning Disability- Newport Beach

I've gotten a few more patients in the Newport Beach office for learning disability assessments. This week, it has been in the early grades 1st through 5th grades. I just finished a LSAT accommodation in Aliso Viejo that was very successful.

SAT Accommodation Learning Disability / ADHD

I finished a report for a patient who drove up from San Diego for SAT accommodations. She had a 504 plan, but of course, it was inadequate for documentation to receive extended time on the SAT. The SAT extended time was no problem as she had good documentation to supplement her psychoeducational evaluation.

Law School Petition for Learning Disability

I had a patient fly down from San Francisco for a law school petition for a learning disability. The learning disability was a NOS (learning disability not otherwise specified) due to cognitive motor delays (information processing delays.) The patient has a good chance of petitioning for readmission into law school.

California Bar Accommodation

I completed a California Bar Accommodation assessment yesterday. The patient was very pleased and she had a lot of good documentation. The diagnosis was new, but I think it was very valid. She had a secondary diagnosis if she has to appeal, so she is in a really good position.