Thursday, November 17, 2011

LSAT / LSAC Denial Pitfalls - Accommodations and Extended Time

The LSAT / LSAC is getting very specific about requiring a copy of all the documentation included in the documents reviewed section of assessments for accommodations and extended time.   I'm now asking the patients I assess to include a corresponding outline of the documentation in sequential order to assist the clerks at LSAT / LSAC in determining that the history of documentation is complete... some individuals that do not send in all the historical documentation have been getting delays...past the LSAT petition deadline...asking for copies of the documents reviewed. Its best to send in the whole package as well as the 20+ page report.  Currently, I'm backed up about a month for any new appointments, so keep it in mind when you are looking at your petition deadline, which is different than the actual LSAT registration deadline.  We can discuss the probability based on the three conditions of meeting ADA requirements and the symptom history and documented history of past accommodations.